Consider the Taxes Before Making the Investment

When you make an investment, are you considering the long-game and tax implications in the future? On today’s show, we are discussing tax consequences you should keep in mind when investing.

Honest Takes:

What potential threats are there to our investments? Some say taxes are the biggest threat once the tax legislation comes into play. What tax moves can we make that will help with our investment strategy?

Corporate taxes going up will impact everybody when corporations don’t have the money to grow. This will ultimately cost more to the consumer, which isn’t a tax risk but an inflation risk. You should be looking at the long game when it comes to taxes. Whether you put your money in a retirement account at work or a real estate investment, what will happen at the end? What will your taxes look like when you withdraw from the account or sell the investment?

Brian talks about what this could look like in a major real estate sale. This could have major tax implications all at once if you sell the investment property. Instead of finding out the hard way, ask these questions before you get into an investment.

According to the Federal Reserve, fewer Americans plan to work into their 60s. Between the higher values of 401(k)s and the great resignation trend from the pandemic, many are choosing to retire earlier. What are the pitfalls to look out for?

Retiring early doesn’t necessarily mean you’re done doing anything. It’s about finding what you love to do and having the time and opportunity to do it. How can you replace your paycheck to have reliable retirement income streams? Maybe you can work as a consultant or spend time on your hobbies. Having a plan will help you determine what you need to make that goal a reality.

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[0:12] Are there any tax moves that can help with our investment strategy?

[2:52] What should you do with a real estate investment?

[5:52] What are the pitfalls of retiring early right now?

Today’s Truth:

“You have to go in before you do the investment and just think about the downfalls of it.”

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