Boomerang Employees in Retirement

Did you retire only to pick up a job again in retirement? What is happening right now with the economy? Brian shares his take and how to prepare accordingly.

Only a month into 2022, and the economy is really hard to read right now. From changing inflation, the ups and downs of the stock market, and the interest rates likely heading up, there’s a lot happening. Are Brian’s clients concerned?

Throughout the yearly reviews, there is a consensus of concern among clients about their financial future. The stock market always has corrections, which is something Brian has been talking about for awhile. The likelihood of interest rate hikes has spooked the market a bit. There’s not enough inventory in the real estate market and a lot of uncertainty. So, what should you do? Have the next three to five years of expenses of retirement income in an investment product that is more secure than equity stock.

A retired NBA player who was missing the game came back to fill in a gap during COVID. Could something like this happen for other employees who left during the Great Resignation? A lot of people who retire ultimately consider going back to the workforce in some capacity. Maybe this means a part-time job or volunteer position to give some sense of purpose while allowing the flexibility to travel or be with family. You may get more out of the work than you’d expect.

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Honest Takes:

[0:12] The economy is hard to read right now.

[4:19] What should you do with this uncertainty?

[5:37] What happens when people want to go back to work?

Today’s Truth:

“Before you retire, let’s get a game plan of what you can do.”

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