Best and Worst Places to Live in Retirement

The Principle:

Where are the best places to live in retirement, and what will you spend that time doing? Will you be staying put or will you take on a new adventure in another state? Brian will discuss some of the most popular destinations in retirement.

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Honest Takes:

What will life be like in retirement? On today’s episode we dream about the different places worth living in during retirement and what you might do when you get there.

Where should you retire and where should you avoid? We talk through some of the taxes that could sway your decision, because this could make a big difference in your finances. From real estate taxes to weather, there is a lot that goes into your decision on where to live in retirement. What will you gain if you leave vs. staying where you are? Is it worth making the move?

In addition to being financially sound, it’s important to be emotionally ready for retirement. That might mean enjoying the new state you live in or filling your time with a part-time job or volunteer work. What is going to be more relaxing for you?   

Going from being career-oriented to staying home and figuring out how to fill your time can take some time to get used to. Find something that allows you to enjoy what you’re doing. But realize it will take some time to adjust, so don’t feel like you’re alone if the transition is harder than you imagined it would be.   

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[0:15] – What are the best and worst states to retire in?

[0:35] – What’s it like in New York?

[2:13] – What are the pros and cons of Hawaii?

[2:42] – What are some of the best places to live in during retirement?

[3:52] – Should you move?

[4:25] – Baby Boomers can improve their chances of being happy in retirement.

[8:19] – Which gender tends to struggle more to transition into retirement?

Today’s Truth: