Coronavirus Takeaways From Michael Levitt

April 2, 2020

The Principle:

It seems like we’re all dealing with anxiety and uncertainty over the future of our health and economy because of the coronavirus, but some people are more concerned than others. We discuss our opinion of the pandemic’s impact and Brian shares his takeaways from Stanford biophysicist Michael Levitt’s comments on the coronavirus.

Honest Takes:

Just how bad will things get from the coronavirus?

That’s the question that everyone is asking right now. Depending on who you all you ask, there will likely be a variety of answers. Some people feel like things are overblown while others believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What we do know right now is unemployment numbers are hard to fathom and financial markets have been crashing over the past month. With the worst of the outbreak still yet to hit the United States, it ceases so much uncertainty about the level of impact we might ultimately see. It’s a topic that’s on everyone’s mind right now and we wanted to take this episode of the podcast to share our opinion on what’s happening.

But we also want to share some positive news because it seems like most of what we’re hearing each day is negative. Michael Levitt, a Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist, has been examining this outbreak for a few months now and feels as though things aren’t going to be as bad as many are projecting. Check out the story on his stance here.

We’ll all have to wait to get answers but it’s important to protect your portfolio in the meantime. Making adjustments and planning for the future is as important now as it’s ever been, and we’ll continue working with people to accomplish that.

[0:16] – Risk is so important and may people are realizing that now. Brian shares thoughts on what we’ve been seeing.

[3:01] – There is fear over health and our financial future.

[5:13] – Michael Levitt shared an optimistic view on the pandemic.

[6:50] – He stands by his message that we need to control the panic because everything will fine.

[8:08] – It’s been tough to get people to take less risk in recent years because of how strong things were going.

[10:10] – Discussion on testing for the coronavirus.

[11:18] – To completely shut down businesses seems ridiculous.

[12:41] – What’s driving the market crash?

[13:54] – What does Brian do for people dealing with the financial hit right now?


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