Social Security Strategies to Discuss with a Financial Professional

Everyone’s financial situation is different. Loan status, job situation, and the age of your kids all significantly impact your financial situation as you approach retirement. When it comes to Social Security there are a lot of different factors to consider, and the right path forward may not be apparent to you. Just because someone else [...]

3 Unique Hobbies for Retirees to Try

Retirement is a golden period of life, brimming with opportunities for exploring new hobbies and revisiting old ones. Maybe you're interested in exploring model trains. Maybe you're looking to travel the world. This phase affords retirees the time and freedom to dive into activities that can enrich their lives both mentally and physically. Three hobbies [...]

Remember the Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning can be difficult to think about, let alone plan for. Maybe you’ve avoided putting together a concrete plan because you don’t want to think too far into the future when it’s time to pass on what you have. Or maybe you don’t think an estate plan is necessary because you’re not rich enough [...]

How to Up Your Golf Game in Retirement

Golf is a rewarding and challenging activity that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, including retirees. It's not just a game but an opportunity to stay physically active, mentally stimulated, and socially engaged. If you're looking to get better scores out on the green, try out these key tips and strategies. Stretch and [...]

Don’t Forget that Medicare Open Enrollment is Here!

From October 15 to December 7, Medicare has an open enrollment period.[1] This is the time when you can change your health plan and prescription drug coverage to adapt to your needs.[1] Every year, there are changes to Medicare health plans and networks, so make sure that you know if your coverage is changing.[1]  If [...]

Overseas Destinations to Beat the Cold This Winter

Some people can't stand the cold of winter. They'll do anything to get away from it. If you are retired and you're looking for a winter escape, check out these possible destinations. Each one has warmth, beauty, and ample opportunities for relaxation and exploration.   Hawaii, USA Hawaii, the tropical paradise of the United States, [...]

Are You Prepared for Long-Term Care?

The possibility of needing long-term care is a major factor in your retirement. It's difficult to think about a time when you may need extra assistance with daily tasks, but it's very common and very costly, especially given that it's not covered under Medicare! Not every retiree will require it, yet it's a potential need [...]

Make Your Money Work for Your Happiness, Not the Other Way Around

While some people idealize retirement as a time of leisure, many people often view retirement as a time of financial constraint and worry. For these reasons, you might think that your money and savings will dictate your happiness. But what if we changed the narrative? What if retirement was a time when your money worked [...]

How to Increase the Value of a Distribution Business 

Transforming a distributor or reseller into a valuable company may seem like a daunting task. Distributors are usually not worth very much, because an acquirer reasons that without a point of differentiation, a distributor is vulnerable to a price war. Rather than acquire a target company, a savvy potential acquirer of a distributor could temporarily lower [...]

Going to College in Retirement: Your Future Awaits!

Retirement can be a significant turning point, bringing a drastic lifestyle change that can be challenging for many. The cessation of work often disrupts the daily routine, removing the familiar sense of purpose and potentially leading to feelings of isolation and boredom. However, this phase of life also opens opportunities for growth and exploration. One [...]

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