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About Integrity Financial Planning

Integrity Financial Planning, Inc., an Independent Registered Investment Advisor based in Roanoke, VA, helps clients protect their retirement assets and finds creative strategies to increase your income. Our fiduciary duty helps to ensure that we are working with our clients’ best interests at heart. As independent financial advisors, we have the ability to select from a wide range of products and services that may be appropriate for each client’s situation.

Our philosophy is to get to know you first. Then, together, we develop a plan to reach your stated financial goals. The plan drives the investment strategy and how we address your retirement needs. We place emphasis on helping preserve retirement assets and creating the income you need in retirement.

We can help you address:

  • Investing principles and strategies
  • Retirement investing and distribution strategies
  • Estate conservation issues
  • Risk management analysis

We also can help answer your questions, including:

  • Can I retire early?
  • Are my investments working hard enough?
  • What’s a good approach for college savings?
  • What are the elements of a sound estate strategy?
  • Do I have enough life insurance for my family?

Our experienced professionals have helped many people just like you with similar issues and concerns. We can help you create an approach that is designed to address your individual situation.

Your Partner for Success

During these volatile times, it can be difficult for individuals and business owners to feel at ease with concerns like these:

  • Do you lack a well-coordinated retirement plan to navigate through volatile markets and an uncertain economy?
  • Are you frustrated by a stream of “hot investment ideas” that never seem to pay off?
  • Are you wondering if you can create the retirement income you need in today’s low-interest-rate environment?

Our goal is to work with you to develop a proactive and effective retirement plan that preserves your capital. We help you create a retirement strategy that allows you to retire when you want and how you want. In turn, you have a trusted advisor who is looking out for your best interests. With Integrity Financial, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Better retirement and investing decisions versus emotional and short-sighted ones
  • Independent advice based on financial planning principles—not products
  • An approach to retirement and retirement income planning that is comprehensive and holistic.

At Integrity Financial Planning, we strive to use our experience, skill, and thorough understanding of your needs to build a portfolio that has the highest likelihood of helping you face these challenges with success.

Brian Bowen, CCPS®

Brian Bowen, CCPS®

Financial Planner

Brian Bowen is registered as an Investment Advisor Representative and is the President of Integrity Financial Planning, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Virginia. He educates radio listeners on “Retire with Integrity” on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. on WFIR 960AM/107.3FM, has been featured on WSLS-TV’s “Wealth Wednesday”, and contributes articles to, CNNMoney.com Money.com and Fortune.com.

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Brian’s mission is to help his clients achieve their goals by providing them with objective, personal financial advice specific to their situation. The perspective and experience he gained in his early financial services career with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Conseco Finance, and Farm Bureau Financial Services led him to search for a better way to deliver unbiased, comprehensive planning that considers the interdependent mix of financial strategies—tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, and risk management. Brian believes no financial decision should be made in a vacuum without considering all of these variables and their impact on each other.
Brian lives in the Roanoke, VA area with his wife, Sheri, and their 6 children.

Lynn McHugh, ChFC®, CLU®

Lynn McHugh, ChFC®, CLU®

Senior Client Service Associate

Lynn is knowledgeable in tax, retirement and estate planning, and innovative ways to apply these concepts to client advantage.

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Throughout her career, Lynn has been an ardent advocate for her clients. Her diverse career experiences provided a broad understanding of client needs and the impact that ever-changing market forces have on their financial well-being. Her desire to be even more responsive to her clients’ need for comprehensive financial planning led Lynn to obtain two major financial designations – Chartered Financial Consultant and Chartered Life Underwriter. Lynn now applies her financial skills in innovative ways – all to the client’s advantage.

Lynn enjoys travel, the arts, gourmet food, and good times with her family.

Louise Ebeltoft

Louise Ebeltoft

Office Manager

Louise has had a long and varied career giving her insight into many facets of life. Early in her career, as an instructor for IBM, the principle “The customer is king” became part of her personal fabric and has guided her throughout her professional life.

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Attention to detail became another hallmark of her career. As the owner of a well-known country inn and restaurant in CT, she and her staff won numerous awards for the elegant atmosphere, the quality of the food, and the beauty of the accommodations at the inn.

A chance meeting with a financial advisor inviting her to work for him at his company brought Louise into the financial services arena, and today, at Integrity Financial Planning, she performs the daily office tasks required to make a financial planning office run smoothly and efficiently.